Is the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare™ System for you?

It is the language of a woman’s body.


It teaches you to understand and appreciate your fertility.


It is based on solid scientific and educational research, the observation and tracking of various biological markers of your menstrual and fertility cycle.

You can learn your body's language.
It's easy! It does take some time and effort but it is so worth it! Why?






Are you looking for solutions to your reproductive struggles?

» Do you suffer from PMS?
Before you get your period, are you:

• Depressed?
• Irritable?
• Do you bloat?
• Gain weight?
• Crave carbohydrates?
• Cry easily?
• Get headaches or migraines?
• Are you fatigued?
• Do you suffer from insomnia?

» Do you suffer from:

» Bad menstrual cramps?

» Are you looking to understand the mystery of your menstrual cycle?

» Are you not able to get pregnant?

» Are you able to get pregnant but miscarry?

» Have you been told to take the birth control pill because that is the only way you will be able to manage your monthly “nightmare” and function?

» Do you ever notice lower abdominal or pelvic pain at different times of the month?

Yes, there are real solutions to these real problems.

The CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare™ System

» Is a highly effective, successful, cost-effective medical tool that helps identify, understand, and evaluate gynecologic and reproductive health problems and find solutions that work cooperatively with the woman’s cycle. Read more...

» It empowers you. You become the authority, the expert of your body.

» Together, you and your doctor become partners in your health care and you are able to make informed choices concerning your health concerns.

» This system is for women with:

• Regular cycles
• Irregular cycles
• Continuous discharge
• Infertility
• Women who are breastfeeding
• Women who are post-pill
• Women in pre-menopause

Learn the stages and signs of your reproductive cycle.

Chart your signs, identifying times of fertility.

Recognize potential problems.

Avoid or achieve pregnancy.

No pills, machines, or test strips necessary.

Avoiding or Achieving Pregnancy

Are you looking for a highly effective, reliable, and successful natural family planning method to either avoid or achieve a pregnancy? Then the CREIGHTON MODEL FertilityCare™ System (CrMS) is for you!

How does it work?

The idea behind natural family planning is very simple. A woman is fertile for only a short period of time during each menstrual cycle. By avoiding genital intimacy during this “window of fertility”, pregnancy can be avoided. CrMS answers the question: "How to determine exactly when the window of fertility starts and ends."

Selective Intercourse

This method works through the principle of selective intercourse. The couple identifies times of fertility and infertility and chooses when to have intercourse.


Through mutual discussion a couple is able to avoid or achieve pregnancy using this system that is based on scientific knowledge, not fear. A husband and wife together share the responsibilities. With contraception, the responsibility is laid on the shoulders of one spouse.

To Avoid 

To avoid pregnancy they will choose times of infertility.

The Journal of Reproductive Medicine® published the results of 5 different studies.  This study involved:

1,876 couples

couple months of use.

The method effectiveness to avoid pregnancy was

and the use-effectiveness to avoid pregnancy was


To Achieve 

To achieve a pregnancy they will choose times of fertility.

When used by couples of normal fertility to achieve a pregnancy, on an individual cycle-by-cycle basis, when the days of fertility are selected for use, the pregnancy rate is:

in the first cycle,

by the third cycle,

by the sixth cycle.

Want to know more about the benefits of CrMS?